Course Descriptions for Exploring Economics

Here are course titles and descriptions that you can use for assigning credit and preparing a transcript for your high school student. If your student completes the assignments as given in the curriculum, she can earn one half-year (or semester) of credit each in Economics and English.

Course: Economics

Text: Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass

The student will receive an introduction to Biblical teaching related to economics, economics in church history, and the economic history of the United States. The student will then explore the basics of macroeconomics and microeconomics, learning about markets, money, trade, business organization, and labor. The student will also learn how government is involved in the economy and look at modern economic challenges. The student will read a significant number of original source documents and essays about economics while studying the lessons.

Course: English (Economics in Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Text: Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass

The student will read two novels, one book about the global economy, and one autobiography. The student will read literary analysis of the books and discuss them in writing. The student will also complete a project each week, either an essay or another creative project related to the study of economics.