Course Descriptions for Exploring World Geography

Here are course titles and descriptions that you can use for assigning credit and preparing a transcript for your high school student. If your student completes the assignments as given in the curriculum, she can earn one full year of credit each in Geography, English, and Bible.

Course: Geography

Text Used: Exploring World Geography by Ray Notgrass

This course is a survey of the physical geography of the world and human geography—how humans throughout history have interacted with geography. The student reads lessons about the geography of different parts of the world, answers review questions, completes map skills assignments, reads historical documents, and takes a geography quiz every unit and a geography exam every five units.

Course: English (Literature and Composition)

Text Used: Exploring World Geography by Ray Notgrass

The student completes a project for each unit (unless the parent plans a different schedule), reads 12 works of literature and the literary analysis for each, answers questions on each book, and completes a literature exam every five units.

Course: Bible: Worldview Survey

Text Used: Exploring World Geography by Ray Notgrass

The student learns what worldview is, the elements of a worldview, how we develop a worldview, common worldviews in our world, and how a person’s worldview makes a difference in how that person lives. The student explores how the Bible uses geography to teach important spiritual lessons, answers review questions, and completes a worldview exam every five units.