How do I know how to complete the curriculum on schedule?

We design all Notgrass History courses with the instructions and assignments right in the lesson book. You don't have to go back and forth to a teacher's guide. Everything is ready for you to open the book, read a lesson, and complete the activities for that day.

Each curriculum has an introduction at the beginning that explains how everything fits together. Our year-long high school and middle school courses have 150 lessons each. If you complete one lesson per day, five days per week, for thirty weeks, you can complete one course in one school year. If you have a 180-day school year, that gives you six weeks of flexibility for field trips, illness, etc. (Our half-year Government and Economics courses have 75 lesson each for one semester of fifteen weeks).

Our year-long elementary courses have three or four lessons per week.

If you have more than one child using the same curriculum, or if you find it helpful for whatever reason, we have assignment checklists for each curriculum. These PDF files are simply a list of the assignments for each lesson.

Watch the Quick Start Guide video for your curriculum, and please contact us if something is still not clear. We are glad to help!

Assignment Checklists

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