What programs and seminars do you offer?

Ray and Charlene NotgrassThe Notgrasses can present keynote sessions and workshops for homeschool conferences; retreat sessions for men, women, or families; after-dinner programs; and talks for support group meetings, churches, and other groups.

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If you have a small group of at least ten families, we can arrange a virtual event. We can make a presentation online just for your group and answer your specific questions.

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Ray Notgrass

How Christianity Has Changed the World
It's so obvious that we often miss it. People who follow Jesus have been changing the world for good for almost two thousand years. As Jesus changes us and changes our relationship with God, He leads us to live differently and to see the world and other people differently. Ray Notgrass surveys how people following the way of Christ have impacted the world's perceptions of morality, the value of children, business, labor, helping the poor, politics, and other areas of human society.

Give Me Your Heart: The Message of Proverbs
The Book of Proverbs is a father's wisdom shared with his son. It offers practical advice about how to think and act successfully in relationships, a family, business, and the community. A child has the calling to honor and respect his or her parents, and parents have the calling to be honorable and respectable. The hearts of the parents and the child must be given to God and to each other. Ray Notgrass shares key lessons from this book of divine wisdom.

The Adventure of American History
History is exciting because history is about people. Ray shares fascinating stories from American history, looking at how faith, compassion, and determination have motivated people to work for the greater good. He discusses ways you can make history come alive for your children.

Exploring World History
Why do we need to know about ancient history and other cultures? How does the Bible relate to our understanding of world history? How can learning history make us better people? Ray answers these questions and highlights some of the important people, events, and ideas that have shaped our world. Find out how to make studying world history much more than simply fulfilling a school requirement.

Charlene Notgrass

Mothers of Grace
Charlene Notgrass encourages homeschooling mothers to be mothers of grace--mothers who seek God with all their hearts, mothers who raise children to be the people God created them to be, and mothers who have the grace to let others do the same.

Helping Your Kids Discover America
What is America? It is a place of wonders created by God. It is artists and composers and public servants and authors who have made a difference. It is landmarks we have built to honor and remember. It is steamboat captains and fur traders and astronauts. Learn how to help your children discover America.

Homeschooling: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt homeschooled their children in New York City in the 1860s and 1870s. One of them grew up to become President of the United States. The story of the Roosevelt family will inspire your homeschool journey with practical ideas for helping your children become all that God has created them to be.

Field Trips Far and Near
With limited time and a limited budget, Ray and Charlene Notgrass took their children to each of the lower 48 states. It took fifteen years, but they made it. Learn how you can use field trips far and near to teach your children.

Ray and Charlene Notgrass

Homeschooling a Future President
Theodore Roosevelt, one of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore, was thankful for the teaching he received at home. President Roosevelt's parents homeschooled him in New York City in the 1860s and 1870s. The story of the Roosevelt family will inspire your homeschool journey with practical ideas for helping your children become all that God has created them to be.

Homeschool Without Fear
The voices we, as homeschooling parents, hear and think we hear from other homeschoolers, public and private schools, and the world at large can make us fearful. Worries can swallow up our confidence and even our original intention to make God's truth the center of our homeschool. This workshop will help you remember that God equips you with everything you need to homeschool without fear.

Not Your Neighbor's Homeschool
Does your homeschool look like everybody else's? We hope not! God is too creative to make carbon copies. Learn how to make your homeschool your own so that each of your children can learn in the way God created them.

The Marriage Every Homeschooler Needs
The homeschool methods you choose, the curriculum you use, and the co-op you join are not nearly as important as the marriage your children watch every day. Learn to grow your marriage while you grow your children.