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In 1999, when our daughter Mary Evelyn Notgrass (Mev for short) was fifteen years old, she decided that she wanted to write and direct a play for the homeschooled children at her church in Cookeville, Tennessee. She called the group the Homeschool Dramatic Society. The following year, Mary Evelyn decided to write and direct another play. She opened this production to more homeschooled children, besides those at her church.

By the next year, the Homeschool Dramatic Society was open to all homeschooled children in the Upper Cumberland area of Middle Tennessee. Since 2006, the Homeschool Dramatic Society has used the facilities of the Cookeville Performing Arts Center. The Society now draws from several Middle Tennessee communities, and some participants have come from out of state to take part in the annual productions.

Most of our DVDs are recordings of plays performed by the Homschool Dramatic Society. Each historical drama teaches important spiritual truths. You can watch the video by itself to get a glimpse into the time period. You can also use each video as a springboard to learn more about the people and places in the story by finding related books at the library.

One Soldier's Story is a one-man show produced by our son John Notgrass. It tells the story of his grandfather (Ray's father), who served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps in Europe during World War II.

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