Merry Christmas from Notgrass History

We are honored to do what we do at Notgrass History to help you do what you do in your home. Thank you for letting us be part of your family journey this year.

And now enjoy "'Twas the Week Before Christmas" . . .

'Twas the week before Christmas in the Notgrass warehouse
Workers were busy with keyboard and mouse.
The books were stacked on the shelves with care,
In hopes that the forklift soon would be there.
Children were running amidst the decor
That filled all the cubicles with beauty galore.
All these displays brought holiday cheer--
Nutcrackers, popcorn, and even reindeer.
But what surely made this bunch sing with glee?
History, history, history, history!
And I heard them exclaim with such joy and so blissfully,
"Merry Christmas from Notgrass History!"