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In 2018 we released the first and only edition of Our Star-Spangled Story


All Around the USA Map

At the back of Part 1, the brown line identifying Manhattan Island incorrectly points to Long Island. The line should point to the dot representing the location of New York City.

Student Workbook

The assignment for Lesson #23 says, "See the photo on page 175 for a guide of what colors to use." The reference should be page 159.


On page 29, the date for "The United States purchases Alaska." should be 1867 instead of 1868.

On page 45, the date for "Roosevelt is the first president elected for a third term." should be 1940 instead of 1941. Roosevelt started his third term in 1941.

On page 53, the date for "President Ford pardons President Nixon" should be 1974 instead of 1976.


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