Should We Homeschool?

Back in 1990, Ray and I struggled month after month. We had an important decision to make. We wondered: "Should we homeschool? Are the problems we are seeing in public school bad enough that we should make this radical decision to bring our children home? What should we do?"

In today's video, I tell how Ray and I went from being a mama and daddy with lots of questions about whether we should homeschool to the point four long years later when we actually became homeschoolers (to paraphrase a song we sing with kids at church) "deep down in our hearts."

I hope this encourages you as you remember and recommit to the why that is deep down in your hearts and I hope you will share it with anyone you know who is wondering: "Should we homeschool?"


If you are thinking about homeschooling for the first time (or the second!), you probably have a lot of questions. We would love to encourage you and connect you with resources to help you get started. Please reach out!

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