Using Notgrass History for High School

High school homeschool curriculumNotgrass History offers Bible-based and easy-to-use high school homeschool curriculum. We have courses in world history, U.S. history, world geography, U.S. government, and economics. Author Ray Notgrass is a veteran homeschooling father who holds a bachelor's degree in history and master's degrees in history and New Testament.

Textbooks generally provide context and comprehensiveness. Unit studies generally provide depth and richness. In our courses, we attempt to bridge the gap between these two approaches by giving you tools that help you teach the heart, soul, and mind of your student. Our curriculum is easy for parents, requiring little planning or preparation. Our curriculum is rewarding for students, helping them learn to analyze the present by understanding the past.

What We Offer

We designed our high school courses so that you can do them in any order. If you are starting with Notgrass History in 9th grade, this is our suggested sequence:

Exploring World History

Exploring America

Exploring World Geography

Exploring Government

Exploring Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want more information about using Notgrass History in high school, we have answers to frequently asked questions here:

High School FAQ